Greenlab will sell 5,555 unique pieces created digitally by the artist Julián Majín.

Colombia has become a benchmark for the production of medicinal cannabis, generating investment, employment, and innovation in the Colombian field.

Following these foundations, Greenlab was born, an enterprise of young Colombians that seeks to improve the physical and mental well-being of thousands of people through the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis.

Greenlab offers both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products that contain medical cannabis, prioritizing the sustainability of the environment and caring for neighboring communities.

But the startup did not want to stop there and took a technological leap: Greenlab got fully into the NFT trend and will launch its Space Resistance collection, which consists of 5,555 unique digitally created pieces.

The NFTs were designed by Cali artist Julián Majín, who has become a benchmark in cannabis because his work combines surreal worlds and trips to space with the plant.

“We will create an international community that sees the plant as a generator of change and Colombia as a world benchmark in its production,” said Juan Manuel Téllez, CEO of Greenlab.

It is worth remembering that an NFT is not only a digital work or piece but also provides a series of tangible benefits to collectors: they are digital assets that are associated with a certificate of authenticity through blockchain technology, the same used in the cryptocurrencies.

“In our case, we will plant one medicinal cannabis plant in our crop for each NFT created. Then, by harvesting the plant, it is transformed into a medical cannabis product given to collectors,” he noted.

Companies like Adidas or Nike are launching NFT collections as they have identified a market in which more and more people are interested in this type of asset, as they see them as a new form of investment.

What is revolutionary about NFTs is that, as they are associated with a certificate of ownership, they can be sold on technological platforms to generate a profit when the collection increases in value.

“This project aims to use technology to create a community around medical cannabis, where people have the opportunity to meet the best face of the Colombian countryside,” Téllez concluded.

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