What do we do?

Innovation and well-being through superior quality medicinal Cannabis.

Greenlab is a proudly Colombian company focused on the production and marketing of Cannabis whose mission is to improve the physical and mental health of thousands of people around the world.

What we do

We produce high-quality Cannabis flowers, extracts and final products using innovative cultivation and extraction techniques.


Our vision

Bring the best Cannabis from Colombia to the world while being sustainable with the environment and taking care of the communities around us.


Our philosophy

1-We put our heart in each plant

2-We recognize the effort

3-We take care of our planet

4-Innovamos y nos adaptamos al mercado


Our products

Dry flower

Dry flower

Our cannabis flower is grown under strict Good Agricultural and Harvest Practices (GACP) regulations.

  • Densidad superior a 0,1 g/cm3
  • Size width greater than 2 cm and length greater than 5 cm
  • Limited Sugar Leaves
  • Intense terpene profile
  • Bright green color, sometimes with shades of purple and brightly colored stigmas
  • Frosty white trichomes, no trace of amber discoloration



We use supercritical CO2 extraction and processing technology, complying with EU-GMP standards (certification pending). The technique we use guarantees obtaining cannabis extracts of the highest quality.

If you are interested in different types of extracts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


Aceite de CBD

Over the counter CBD oil

Santiva is our premium CBD oil, which contains a wide range of natural cannabinoids, as well as terpenes, flavonoids and antioxidants. Santiva is the result of a careful process of selection and extraction of Cannabis flowers.

Contact one of our distributors to order your Santiva.

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Create your own brand

We specialize in creating custom solutions that fit the specific needs of your brand. From oils and lotions to creams and cosmetics, our high-quality CBD products are available to be labeled with your own brand, allowing you to offer your customers premium products backed by our expertise and commitment to excellence. Under our support, your brand will stand out in the market, offering trust and quality to your customers.

Our genetics

Tenemos variedades únicas que destacan por su potencia, estabilidad y perfiles de terpenos incomparables. Cada una de nuestras cepas es el resultado de un meticuloso proceso de selección y cruce, respaldado por tecnología avanzada y el cuidado experto de nuestros genetistas.


Our social and environmental commitment

In 2030 we hope to have generated greater well-being for 1,000,000 people and improved the quality of life of 500 families in the Colombian countryside. Planeamos lograr este objetivo mientras prevenimos y mitigamos nuestro impacto ambiental a través de una gestión adecuada del agua, energía renovable y fertilizantes orgánicos.

All employees have access to shareholding in the company, receiving economic benefits and generating greater ownership.

We prioritize the hiring of female heads of family in cultivation. This echoes the well-being and future of the family, supporting good nutrition and the education of their children.

Our efforts focus on education about the plant, its responsible use and the generation of business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

We use organic fertilizers that contribute to increasing the biological fertility of the soil.

We plant native trees and conserve the region's natural pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

100% of our plants are watered with rainwater.

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